Microderms reveal smooth, soft, younger looking skin. The diamond tip wand sloughs off dead unwanted skin, while suction sweeps it up and away. You will immediately feel a difference. Your makeup goes on better and your products penetrate deeper allowing them to do a better job. Over time with multiple treatments you’ll see softer lines and an evened skin tone.

Deluxe Microderms

These follow the same protocol as a standard microderm, but with an upgrade. The upgrade includes a deep cleanse, hot towels, and a specialty mask depending on your skin type. This combo allows you to take full advantage of what the microderm offers.

Jessner Peel

The Jessner epidermal peel significantly reverses the signs of aging and/or treats resistant, impacted acne. For a day or two after application, the face looks slightly sunburned and does not peel. After that, however, the depth and intensity of this treatment requires about a week of down time as the skin flakes away to emerge totally renewed.

Green Enzyme Peel

Unlike acid peels, our Enzyme Complex Peel acts only on the stratum corneum layer of the skin for a milder and gentler exfoliation. We also combine our enzymes with other natural ingredients that are nourishing and anti-inflammatory.

TCA Peel

This deep strength peel is for clients who desire more aggressive resurfacing, lifting, smoothing, and exfoliation. A significant fading of unwanted pigment makes the following week of light skin peeling well worth it.

Organic Facial

Our organic facial products are explicitly designed with the naturalist in mind. Enjoy a synthetic free facial and treat your skin with ingredients of earth origin made exclusively with natural, botanical, renewable or vegetable based sources. Whether you suffer from mature, damaged, acneic, or oily skin we are able to customize this facial specifically to your skin type. After 50 minutes of organic yumminess your skin will be repaired and rejuvenated!

Signature Back Facial

The skin on your back is often neglected leaving you with back acne and dry skin. This facial will speed up your cell renewal rate, clear up problem areas, and smooth the texture of your skin. It follows the same steps as a traditional facial. You'll start with steam and a deep cleanse followed by a manual brush exfoliation. Next, those hard to reach impurities will be addressed. Then, enjoy a soothing light pressure massage. Lastly, we'll finish with a detoxifying mask and hydrating finishing products.

Face Lift Facial

Designed to improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged skin through products scientifically formulated to stimulate epidermal exfoliation, increase epidermal skin cell growth, restore epidermal enzyme activity and increase collagen synthesis and dermal glycoproteins. The results – minimal discomfort and downtime, improved skin texture and tightness, improved skin color, lightening of brown spots, decreased pore size and a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Collagen eye mask

Suitable for all skin types, the Elastin Wet Collagen Eye Mask is blended with vitamins, acids, and extracts to restore the skin’s natural moisture and give firmness to the delicate muscles around the eye area. It helps to suppress fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.

Collagen Mask Tx

This Collagen Mask is an intensive moisturizing treatment to fight against premature aging, wrinkles, and slackening of the skin. Great for any skin condition. Completely free of preservatives and perfumes. Tx includes cleansing, hand/arm massage, and finishing products.

High Frequency Tx

This treatment is great for acneic skin. A glass electrode tube produces a high frequency current that is applied to the skin. An ozone is created which will help sterilize any acne causing bacteria. It also increases circulation and regulates your skins ph.

Lash/Brow Tint

Save valuable time getting ready and skip some steps! Forget mascara and filling in your brows everyday. Tinting saves time and enhances your natural beauty.


We use soy based products that adhere to the hair not your skin. If you’ve ever been waxed you know how important that is!

Special Occasion Makeup Application

Let a professional help on your special day. Whether it's a wedding, prom, or night out on the town you're sure to look your best with our high quality all natural mineral makeup and skilled expertise.

*Group discounts available

Makeup Application Lesson

Learn the tricks of the trade and apply your makeup with skill and confidence.

*Group discounts available


Lora, our expert masseuse is well versed in massage. Specializing in traditional swedish, reflexology, and prenatal massage. Lora prides herself in listening to her clients needs and achieving results you're sure to be pleased with.
Pricing as follows:
$30.00 / .5 hr
$60.00 / 1 hr
$90.00 / 1.5 hr
$120.00 / 2 hr

hot stone massage
$120.00 / 90 minutes


  • Microderm $69
  • Deluxe Microderm $89
  • Jessner Peel $79
  • Green Enzyme Peel $59
  • TCA Peel $125
  • Organic Facial $79
  • Signature Back Facial $79
  • Face Lift Facial $130
  • Collagen eye mask $12
  • Collagen Mask Tx $32
  • High Frequency Tx $39
  • Lash or Brow Tint $15
  • Brow Wax $12
  • Chin, Lip, or Side-burn Wax $10
  • Axilla Wax $20
  • Basic Bikini Wax $20
  • Forearm Wax $35
  • Lower Leg Wax $45
  • Upper Back or Chest Wax $45
  • Special Occasion Makeup Application $45
  • Makeup Application Lesson $50